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Each individual person is very important. Each person has tremendous potential. She or he alone can influence the lives of others within the communities, nations, within and beyond her or his own time.


Plan Danville is a comprehensive plan, a 20-year policy document that directs how and where change will occur in our city. The plan is intended to address our built and natural environments – everything from housing and parks to businesses and transportation, improving our quality of life, and making our city more resilient.

City staff, city council, and planning commission will all use this plan as a guide for decision making over the next twenty years, on anything from approving new developments to making road improvements. Get involved today to ensure the decisions of the future align with your wants and needs.

The City of Danville is partnering with SmithGroup and Progressive AE, leading planning and design firms dedicated to combining your input and their professional knowledge about city systems to create a vision for the future of Danville and a path to get there. However, the most important people involved in creating this plan are you, your neighbors, coworkers and friends! Danville residents and leaders are taking on several important roles throughout this plan.

• City staff are leading Plan Danville, working across departments.

• The consultant team lends their technical expertise to turn your vision for the future of Danville into a reality :

SmithGroup (project leads with a focus on urban design)
Progressive AE (project leads with a focus on engagement)
Applied Storytelling (branding and communications)
Kegerreis Digital Marketing (marketing and web design)
Mass Economics (economic analysis)
&Access (retail analysis)
Next Practice Partners (parks and recreation)

• Steering Committee members are community leaders who will vet strategies and ideas to ensure they best align with community values. 


• Community Ambassadors amplify community voices by running the Plan Danville storefront, attending local meetings and events, and interacting with you via social media. 


• You can get involved at any point throughout this process to ensure your voice is heard. 


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• Volunteer to host a community discussion and report back what you hear. Explore Resources or Ask an Ambassador

• Join our mailing list

• Share photos of your community with #plandanville or follow us on facebook, instagram and linkedin

• Share any generic comments in our virtual comment box or speak with someone at our storefront

Plan Danville will be split into 5 phases over the next 18 months.

Plan Danville will host our first Community Event on May 23rd. Regular events will be hosted throughout the year. Come visit our storefront, follow our socials, or join our mailing list to stay up to date.

Download the full document here.

The last plan established the framework around which the city’s physical community,  economic growth and development will be shaped and guided. The plan achieved key improvements to the following infrastructure and resources:

Corridors & Gateways, Housing & Neighborhoods, Historic & Cultural Resources, Sustainable Growth & Land Use, Economic Development Resources, and Transportation.

Caesar’s Resort and Casino and other developments currently underway in the city have already been designed and approved, meaning this plan will have little impact on the buildings themselves. However, it can influence future developments to be more walkable, fit with the character of the neighborhood, encourage businesses residents want and need, and more.

Visit our Resources Page or reach out to an Ambassador to explore all the latest developments.

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