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A comprehensive plan is considered a 20-year document that public officials should review every five years, and the City of Danville is at the beginning of a new review cycle. The City of Danville aspires to create an award-winning plan rooted in a process that empowers the community to:


Build connections by listening, acknowledging local expertise, and working collectively with civic and community leaders


Through clear and transparent channels of communication to reflect the ideas and opinions of residents by providing a consistent feedback loop between project team members and residents.


We will identify opportunities to increase community, civic capacity, and equitable solutions to establish a plan for everyone 

Our Approach

Overall Timeline: January 2023 February 2024

Key process design components include:

  • The overall approach is iterative– with each step building on the one before it. This ensures members of the community that their input is understood and effectively used.

  • Large city-wide meetings will be used at critical points in the process so that all city areas can learn from one another. 

  • In each project phase, pre-programmed community events meet people where they are, in addition to providing online/virtual input opportunities and special events. These engagement methods will accommodate differences in learning and communication styles (verbal, drawing, writing). 

Tools and Goals

The premise of our people-based strategy is to actively engage the community in an iterative process that empowers residents, business owners, landowners, non-profits, and key stakeholders to take an active role in implementing the shared vision. Through the use of storytelling, mapping, surveys, events, social media, neighborhood-level capacity building, a project storefront, and a mobile unit, our primary goals are to make sure that everyone in the community is aware of, and has the opportunity to participate in, the planning process.

The community to share their local knowledge through:

  • Project storefront located in downtown Danville as a place to gather people and ideas, hold project-related events, maintain office hours, and provide an approachable (“non-institutional”) home base for the community.

  • 120 neighborhood meetings led by Community Ambassadors, 20 tabling event opportunities at local events and 4 community-wide events that serve at the culmination of each project phase in the planning process to align neighborhood discussions into one cohesive vision.

  • Overall, implementing a holistic approach that includes knocking on doors, driving up engagement through data analytics, mobile engagements, and much more to ensure equitable access to development resources across the board.

End Goals & Guiding Principles

  • Enhanced Education – for workforce development, workforce attraction and retention, engagement in lifelong learning, and functioning neighborhood school hubs 

  • Healthy Environment – for complete neighborhoods, connectivity and mobility, environmental resiliency, land use, community character, and blue/green infrastructure improvements 

  • Thriving Economy – for local retail, industry, housing, entrepreneurship opportunities, and employment 

  • Community Empowerment – for long-term civic engagement, capacity building, and elevating Danville’s identity and sense of pride 

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